A new window is opening up on language and communications
Internationally Certified Coaching Professionals Learner-Driven Process Customised Service Executive and Manager Centred Real-World Oriented How We Are Different
Our performance enhancement process (PEP)

How we help

Helping you build the performance edge

  • Our unique collaborative approach empowers you to enhance your professional English faster, more efficiently and with more durable results
  • We focus on performance, working to strengthen your proficiency in understanding, speaking and writing, enabling you to operate confidently in English in everyday business situations and helping you develop and optimize language and communications as a core skill
  • Our coaching is real-world oriented; you learn the language you need for the settings, applications and priorities specific to your own professional situation
  • You will acquire a sustainable approach to language learning designed to help you enhance your development and growth as a high-performance professional


  • 5. Your PROJECTION

    Build sustainable progress into your performance

  • 4. Your PROGRESS

    Co-assess to align progress with planning and adjust as useful

  • 3. Your PATH

    Engage our unique coaching process to start advancing towards your targets

  • 2. Your PLAN

    Co-create a plan to address specific challenges using a learning platform and strategies best suited to your needs


    Define your main professional interests and concerns. Where do you most want to improve your performance?

What Language Coaching is

A collaborative, empowering, results-focused process
  • Language Coaching transforms the language learning process, making it collaborative and learner-driven rather than teacher-focused
  • The language coach acts as a facilitator, helping the learner to progress through interaction with the coach
  • Language Coaching builds the learning process around the learner’s practical needs, their preferred style and mode of learning and their desired results
  • Above all, Language Coaching engages the learner to invest themselves in the process, stimulating them to take responsibility for their learning and motivating them to advance

Who we are

A network of language coaches from diverse backgrounds, each one being:

  • highly experienced in their speciality
  • certified by an internationally recognised organisation (ICF)
  • based in France

Find out more about our team by clicking on each individual coach’s profile.

What our clients say

“It was incredible how quickly I became capable of making my presentation in English.” Thomas, CEO of a small French company

“My PLC Coach’s approach really gave me the tools I needed to gain in confidence, becoming autonomous and able to communicate in English very quickly.”  Magali, Medium-sized Business Owner

“My PLC Coach is a talented person who stimulates the learning process; he never used boring academic methods, but rather invited us to join in pro-actively using all our professional experience.” Luca, Researcher

“Whether it is for preparing a board meeting in New York, a sales pitch in London, strategic negotiations in Frankfurt or a talk in Shanghai, my PLC Coach goes well beyond purely linguistic questions – she is an effective and demanding coach, a source of inspiration and a wellspring of practical advice.” Laurent, M&A Consultant

“A 100% hands-on experience coupled with pertinent theoretical explanations – very efficient!” Fabien, Telecoms Engineer

“The strong point of the workshop – the pertinence of the content and its link with multicultural professional exchanges.”  Laure, Digital Marketing Manager

“The biggest advantage is that I spent much more time speaking.  This is exactly what I wanted and has been a great boost to my confidence as well as my competence.” Xavier, Partner in a French Law Firm

“I reached my goal which was to boost my self-confidence and feel more at ease.” Virginie, Publisher

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