Benjamin Solomon

For the past 20 years, Benjamin, born in Boston USA, has been working as an English Language Trainer in Paris, helping C-level management, Executives, and Mangers perform better.  Within French companies such as Amaury Sports Organisation, L’Oréal, et Le Salon du Bourget, Benjamin’s approach has always been to gently “push” his clients to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone and into their potential. Over the years, he has successfully prepared his clients for certain challenges they have had to overcome using English; press conferences, presentations, seminars, job interviews, client meetings, and business negociations to name a few.

His strong listening skills, relaxed and confident-inspiring demeanor, as well as his experience with top management from various sectors of activity, naturally oriented him toward Coaching.  Having completed his Coaching Training with Erickson International, Benjamin uses a solution-focused approach where his coaching clients search and find within themselves the answers to their deepest challenges whether language-based, work-based, or performance-based.