Brendan O'Reilly

Brendan is an Irish-born independent English language teacher, trainer and coach specializing in the field of education and self-development. The founding principle of his pedagogy resides in optimizing the learning experience by focusing on the learner’s interest in what they read, write, hear, and speak. Developed over 3 decades of work, these principles awaken and develop the learner’s English language capability and acquisition. He uses all available resources to push the students to go beyond their limits and challenges their intellect. In addition, his methods have proven to be efficient in developing confidence, with a specialty in the technical and sales industries, working in the petroleum sector in Saudi Aramco and helping with computer-assisted language instruction in that company. Brendan has international experience, working for 4 years in Saudi Arabia with the national oil company. He derives deep satisfaction from his work, a satisfaction that originates in the wellspring of a core personal value, which drives his success: that people learn successfully when they are subjectively involved in the interaction in which they are engaged, however that is achieved.