Carol Just

Carol is a British-born language trainer and coach with experience training individuals and groups in the sectors of finance (BNP Paribas), insurance (Cardiff), commerce (Soletanche-Bachy), and legal departments (Bouygues) among others. She previously ran her own international business in the East-West Metallurgy trade for 10 years. Carol specializes in enabling high-level executives achieve their goals while acquiring new language and communication skills. Having obtained a Degree in Psychology with honors, including a Master’s diploma from the London School of Economics, she has also qualified as a Language Coach (ICF accredited). Using coaching techniques, she customizes her sessions to meet the needs and objectives of each coachee. International negotiations and presentations are among her specialties. Working on cultural differences and non-verbal communication, she believes linguistic skills are not enough for successful communication. She accompanied a legal expert in preparation for an international meeting which led to a promotion and higher salary with a competitor in his field; helped an actuary expert find the confidence to achieve a promotion in one of the big 4 insurance companies; and worked with a finance expert to achieve her goal of becoming her company’s CFO.