Greg Williams

Greg is a business English trainer specializing in HRM and general management. He is bilingual French-English, having completed his studies in international schools in The Netherlands and England. After working in the theatre as well as managing a shop, he became an English language trainer in Paris in the early nineties, working in various language schools and training centres around the Paris region before starting at Open Doors, the suggestopedic school of Paris. In 2001, he set up his own activity as a freelance trainer, carrying out English training sessions with prestigious clients such as L’Oréal, as well as starting as a junior consultant with People First, Paris, specialized in HRM audits and training sessions. Greg takes great care in adapting his coaching sessions to his clients, focusing on reinforcing self-confidence. Each session becomes a memorable experience through diverse, fun role play and improvisation activities linked to the students’ core business to enhance their language acquisition. Currently, Greg is working with corporate clients in the audiovisual, medical and financial sectors.